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   Welcome to our News and Events page. This is where you will find all the happenings at our Post each month. We welcome you to join us for all of our events, dinners and benefits. This site is updated frequently, so you will be able to find out if there is an unfortunate need to cancel or change anything upcoming.




    Hail to the Redskins! Even though we didn't win in the playoffs, we were at least Division Champs for the first time since I believe 1999. That is something to be proud of.
    Well, winter is here and brings with it the flu and colds. So, everyone take good care of yourself. For those have already experienced the flu/cold bug, all here are hoping you're feeling better.
    The Queen of Hearts is still drawn on Friday night at 7:30, so come on out and take your chance at winning.
    Keep checking the bulletin board for upcoming events.
    As always, thank you to the volunteers for all of the behind the scenes jobs that they do to keep the American Legion such a success!
    Hope this New Year brings you all good health and happiness.

Sharon Nelson

Clubroom Manager




     Elections have been held and the newly elected Post Officers
have been posted.  



     It has been a great pleasure having done the newsletter for the past 3 years. I will be passing along the duties to Elaine Payne. As always, I will be here to help. I will be maintaining the website still, so you will be kept up to date on the upcoming events and announcements. So, please stay tuned to the website, and continue to have patience in the transition to your new newsletter editor.


     There are a lot of fun and exciting things going on this year at Post 148. Please keep in touch with all the happenings. I am posting pics and event information as soon as I receive them. Please keep informed on our website. You can email the Commander, Clubroom, SAL, Ladies Aux, Editor or myself questions, comments or pics.
  Thank you,
  Jeanna R. Woodrum 


Please keep in mind that when the newsletter is not reaching you in a timely manner, you can get the latest information off of our website. I may not always have the time or circumstances may forbid my getting this out to you when it should be. I do, however, update the website as soon as the information is available to me.

***NACHOS, PIZZA and HOT DOGS are now available for purchase behind the bar.



Post 148 Officers

Tom Pittsley
First Vice
 Dale Millan
Second Vice 
Jim Woodrum
Third Vice
 Brian Martin
John Perkins
Finance & Service Officer,
John Daley
Gary Starkey
   Please find a copy of this quarters Newsletter here. Just click on the link and you will be connected to the Calendar of Events and all of our Departments News. In the future, if you are interested in getting your newsletter electronically, please email We will be glad to send it to you in that manner.
   Please reference the Clubroom Rules were ratified on April 7, 2010.
Karaoke and DJ
EVERY Friday following
the Queen of Hearts
Members and their Guest
April 5th
Chips and pickle, $5.00
April 13th
Ladies Aux Flea Market
April 20th
EODMC Spaghetti Dinner
Call for details
join us on facebook
Signed copy is located
in the Clubroom


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